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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe @ math . utah . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Center for Scientific Computing
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
This is a COMPLETE bibliography of the C Users Journal (January 1988 – June 1994, ISSN 0898-9788) and its successor, C/C++ Users Journal (July 1994 – date, ISSN 1075-2838, CODEN CCUJEX).
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Author Comments:
The journal maintains a World-Wide Web site at
This bibliography has been collected from bibliographies in the author's personal files, from the journal's Web site contents file, and from the U.S. Library of Congress, the University of California MELVYL, and the OCLC catalogs.
The journal article citations are not in the Compendex or OCLC databases, but the UnCover database has some coverage for it. Almost all entries below are derived from the cbklist.htm file, which regrettably, lacks complete page number ranges, so most page numbers below are of the form 27–??.

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