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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe @ math . utah . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Center for Scientific Computing
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
This is a bibliography of publications in Computer Language magazine (ISSN 0749-2839). Computer Language publication was absorbed by Dr. Dobb's Journal in July 1993. That magazine is covered in a separate bibliography, dr-dobbs.bib, in this collection.
computer language, programming
Author Comments:
Computer Language Magazine should NOT be confused with the journals Computer Languages (ISSN 0096-0551) and Computer Speech and Language (ISSN 0885-2308), which are not covered here.
This bibliography has been collected from bibliographies in the author's personal files, from the OCLC Contents1st database, and from the computer science bibliography collection on in /pub/bibliography to which many people of have contributed.
Numerous errors in the sources noted above have been corrected. Spelling has been verified with the UNIX spell and GNU ispell programs using the exception dictionary stored in the companion file dr-dobbs.sok.
Regrettably, the OCLC Contents1st database does not record final page numbers of journal articles, so there are many page ranges of the form 123–?? in this bibliography.

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