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This is a bibliography of publications about the Icon programming language, implementations of which are freely available for most major platforms, in source and binary form, at the Icon development site
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Author Comments:
The Icon Newletter appears a few times a year; issue 54 appeared in December 1997. See
The Icon Analyst is a small journal that appear six times yearly. See
Apparently 283 technical reports have been produced about Icon; none are yet covered by this bibliography. See
Icon is a descendant of Snobol, and like that older language, is well-suited to pattern-matching and string-processing applications.
Icon also has some unusual programming language features, such as functions that can return multiple values or elements of infinite sequences, coroutines, and expression suspend/resume, that make it worthy of study both for programmers, and for compiler implementors (see Griswold:1986:IIP below).
Icon's Web site (see above) describes it like this: ``Icon is a high-level, general-purpose programming language with a large repertoire of features for processing data structures and character strings. Icon is an imperative, procedural language with a syntax reminiscent of C and Pascal, but with semantics at a much higher level.''
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