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A Comprehensive Bibliography of Distributed Shared Memory

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M. Rasit Eskicioglu <rasit @ cs . umanitoba . ca> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
©M. Rasit Eskicioglu. This bibliography is in the public domain.
Shared memory is an attractive programming model for designing parallel and distributed applications. In the past decade, a popular research topic has been the design of systems to provide the shared memory abstraction on physically distributed memory machines. This abstraction is commonly known as Distributed Shared Memory (DSM). DSM has been implemented both in software (e.g., to provide the shared memory programming model on networks of workstations) and in hardware (e.g., using cache consistency protocols to support shared memory across physically distributed main memories). This bibliography identifies the results of research on DSM and related topics.
DSM, distributed shared memory, memory coherence, memory consistency models, coherence protocols.
Author Comments:
Determining the most appropriate classification for existing DSM research was a difficult task and placing papers into a single category sometimes required making seemingly arbitrary decisions. Each paper was placed into the category which the author felt was most relevant to the work described in that paper–the author apologizes in advance to researchers who feel that their work was incorrectly categorized or omitted entirely. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
The author wishes to thank Professors Les Keedy of the University of Ulm, Germany and John Carter of the University of Utah for their valuable comments on the presentation of this paper and for their help identifying missing references in the original draft. Professor Keedy provided the author with the full citations and copies of a few of the missing references. Professor Carter helped the author in determining better classification of some references.

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