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S. Farrell
Trinity College, Dublin

Usable Formal Methods Research Group Sample Problems


This draft provides reasoning as to why the Usable Formal Methods research group might benefit from having an IETF-relevant sample problem and describes one such (IMAP search). This is just an initial draft aiming to help move discussion forward so may be dropped or replaced by other drafts or the research group may prefer some non I-D format, or the research group may decide that sample problems aren't sufficiently useful. Early days, basically!

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The Usable Formal Methods research group [ufmrg] has discussed the idea that having one or more "sample" problems might be useful for a number of reasons:

The hope is that this should help both sets of people better understand how formal methods may be useful for IETF work.

We posit that the following characteristics will help us identify one or more "good" sample problems:

We provide an initial description of one such problem in the section 2. If additional sample problems are proposed, those could be documented in other sections of this draft or in other documents. (To be clear: the author would welcome such text - the more the merrier for now.)

1.1. Success Criteria

If this approach succeeds we would expect:

  • to see formal methods proponents publish analyses of the sample problem(s)
  • to see IETF participants use/reference those analyses
  • to eventually see teams of IETF participants (with implementation/deployment experience) work together with proponents of formal method schemes to extend those analyses

If this approach doesn't get traction, we will most likely hear crickets.

1.2. Discussion Venues

The github repo for this draft is at:

PRs, issues etc are welcome. Substantive discussion however should for now at least be directed to the UFMRG mailing list:

3. Acknowledgments


4. Security Considerations

The security properties of the sample problem(s) are of course of interest but this draft itself will hopefully introduce no new security considerations unless we omit something from the description of the sample problem(s) that leads to erroneous conclusions about those security properties.

5. IANA Considerations

No changes to IANA processes are made by this memo.

6. Informative References

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Appendix A. Changes from Earlier Versions

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Stephen Farrell
Trinity College, Dublin