The Collection of
Computer Science Bibliographies

Manipulating BibTeX Bibliographies

Local standard formats

The computer science bibliography collection converts data from the following bibliographic formats to BibTeX:

Any entries that do not pass the syntax checker are silently omitted during the conversion to BibTeX.

If you are submitting entries in BibTeX format then make sure that all the necessary @String entries are supplied with the actual entries.

Dana Jacobsen has collected more information on the various bibliographic formats and has compiled a survey of bibliographic tools.

Pointers to online publications

If you have online versions of the papers in your bibliography, you should follow the guidelines below:


Never use HTML code in BibTeX references: HTML does not like to mingle with LaTeX.

Put URLs to the document into the "%U" field.
Put URLs to the document into the "RETRIEVAL" field.
Put URLs to the document into the "OTHER-SOURCES" field.

Not all of these fields are official but they are widely used and recognized by my conversion scripts.

Citing other publications in BibTeX bibliographies

If you have a bibliography where publications cite other publications in the same bibliography or if you would like to establish crossreferenes to related publications you can add LaTeX \cite commands in any field in a reference to cite the publications, e.g.:

note = "Bibliography: \cite{Smith1988}, \cite{Anderson1978a}",


note = "For a detailed version also see \cite{Smith1988}. An
       alternative approach is described in \cite{Anderson1978a}",

These citations will be turned into hyperlinks in search results, allowing you to have a look at the cited references. These kind of crossreferences add a lot of value to bibliographies.

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