The Collection of
Computer Science Bibliographies


Copyright for the Bibliography Collection

The author reserves the

Copyright © 1994-2003 by Alf-Christian Achilles. All rights reserved.

for the compilation and the presentation of the computer science bibliography collection. This includes in particular all HTML and GIF files.

I usually give my consent that the collection may be copied and distributed only without charge, and only for research or educational purposes, if

Any copy must be accompanied by a reference to the original collection and its author.

I reserve the right to revoke the above general mirroring permission at any time.

Any other use must be negotiated in advance.

In particular, individual bibliographies or the complete collection may not be sold for profit or included in commercial documents (e.g., published on CD-ROM, floppy disks, books, magazines, or other print form) without the prior written permission of the copyright holders.

If you find the bibliography collection useful for your work, I would be happy if you acknowledge it and me.

Copyrights for Individual Bibliographies

The copyright for any individual bibliography rests with its author. Some bibliographies specify if and how the bibliography may or may not be used. In the absence of any such information you must assume that:

Any commercial use of the bibliographies is strictly prohibited. The bibliographies may only be copied and distributed free of charge and only for academic or research purposes. The information on any bibliography given in the corresponding HTML files must always accompany every copy of a bibliograhy.

Please contact the author(s) of any bibliography you want to retrieve if the intended usage is not covered by the above statement or by any relevant notices accompanying the bibliography. Any copy of a bibliography must be accompanied by a reference to its author and any copyright and/or usage restriction notice.

Abstracts of publications published by the ACM and the IEEE are also subject to the respective "interim" or "provisional" copyright policies:

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