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Searching the Bibliographies

This page lists all the currently available search interfaces for the bibliography collection. The search interfaces use various text-retrieval engines and their capabilities as well as the query syntax are different.

I have added some comments of mine on the features offered by each search interface: depending on your needs you can choose your favorite.

Search interfaces

The following search interfaces have been created and are maintained by me at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, the home site of the bibliography collection:

Simple Search Interface
You can search the bibliography collection for references or for bibliographies. You can search for keywords using an arbitrary combination of AND and OR boolean operators, set case sensitivity and partial word matching. You can search at any level in the collection hierarchy. The search results feature highlighted matching words and URLs turned into clickable links.

The underlying search engine is Glimpse.

Advanced Search Interface
This is the most powerful search interface for the bibliography collection. It offers field-based searches, a full set of boolean operators and prefix searches. This search interface also offers a simple way to search for online documents. It is based on freeWAIS-sf.


The database underlying these search interfaces has the following advantages:

automatically removed duplicate entries:
The many bibliographies in the collection overlap and a simple search on all bibliographies would result in many duplicate entries in search results. These search interfaces have removed all duplicates that could be automatically detected and make life much easier for clients.
expanded string macros:
Many bibliographies in the collection use BibTeX String macros to abbreviate common phrases. The abbreviations would make it more difficult to search. In the databases underlying these search interfaces these macros have been fully expanded and therefore users can search the full text.
resolved crossreferences:
Some bibliographies in the collection use the BibTeX feature of crossrefencing bibliographic entries, where an entry (e.g. a conference paper) establishes a crossreference to another (e.g. the respective proceedings). This saves a lot of typing for the authors of bibliographies but hides information in other BibTeX entries (e.g. year of publication, conference name, ...). In the databases underlying these search interfaces these crossrefences have been fully resolved and therefore users can search all the relevant information.

Search interfaces at mirror sites

The following search interfaces are not run by me but by some mirror sites for the bibliography collection. If you experience problems or if you have questions please refer to the respective contact person.

University of Waterloo, Canada
This powerful search interface offers field-based search with boolean operators.
Duplicate entries are not removed, abbreviations and crossreferences are not expanded.

Contact: Gordon V. Cormack (

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