The Collection of
Computer Science Bibliographies

Other Bibliographies


The following sections contain pointers to bibliographies that could not be directly integrated into this bibliography collection. That is, they are not present with a a local copy and are therefore also not searchable with the search interfaces for the bibliography collection. Mostly because they are not in any of the standard bibliographic formats or their authors do not want them to be distributed as part of the bibliography collection.

Lists of bibliographies

The following are links to lists of links to bibliographies (aah, the art of indirection!).

Bibliographic Searching
List of search interfaces for computer science literature.
Digital libraries from the April 1995 Communications of the ACM.
The Electronic Library in Computing Science at Simon Fraser University
Online Bibliographies:
Bibliography List of "Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)"
On-line Bibliographies:
This is a collection of pointers to on-line bibliographies, journal contents, and other sources of research reports in computer science.
Biocomputing Course Resource List : Bibliographies on Biocomputing
Online paper sources for natural language processing and computer linguistics

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